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Chickpea Mash Toast


 Mim's local sourdough bread, organic chickpeas, organic local pickles, organic red onion, organic celery, organic hummus, organic cucumber slices, organic microgreens, pepitas, lemon olive oil, mustard seed, salt + pepper

      Ditching the usual but not the delicious, our Chickpea Mash Toast presents a delightful alternative to the classic tuna salad. Crafted with care, this toast brings a wholesome, flavorful satisfaction that's perfect for those seeking something a little different.

      Swapped in place of tuna, we've mashed organic chickpeas with creamy hummus and a dash of mustard seed, salt and pepper. Instead of traditional mayonnaise, we've loaded up on fresh organic veggies – local pickles, red onion, and celery – for a satisfying crunch and that signature tang, topped with zesty lemon olive oil.

      The result? A toast that's as vibrant and fulfilling as the classic, but with a plant-powered, protein-packed twist. So, whether you're exploring new flavors or simply looking to try something inspired by a hearty classic with a little bit more health, our Chickpea Mash Toast is sure to satisfy.

      Not only does this toast taste great, it's immune-boosting, energy-enhancing, and mood-elevating with every bite! Chickpeas provide the body with a protein boost and thanks to an abundance of amino acids, chickpeas actually assist your body in converting that protein into energy with ease! ⚡️ They are equally beneficial for your brain, helping to boost memory function, brain development and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. 💛

      This toast is literally a recipe for having the greatest day, ever! 

      Enjoy me when...

      You're looking for a satisfying, mood-boosting meal.
      You're in need of some post-workout fuel that aids muscle recovery.
      You're ready to try something brand new for breakfast.