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Get Back To Your Roots Toast


Mim's local sourdough bread, Laziz beet spread, lemon olive oil, organic microgreens, organic radish slices, pepitas, salt and pepper

    Inspired by the revitalizing and replenishing nature of root vegetables, Get Back to Your Roots was designed to bring you back to your very own nature. Equally grounding as it is energizing, this nourishing nom is a lunch you can feel good about choosing -- it's not just a toast, but a celebration of health and well-being!

    Easy on the belly, we craft this down-to-earth toast on local favorite Mim's sourdough bread and pair it with Laziz tahini-based beet spread, offering a treasure trove of antioxidants and essential nutrients that support cardiovascular health, natural detoxification and promote a glowing complexion. Microgreens, packed with vitamins and minerals, bolster your vitality and nourish your body from within. Drizzled with zesty lemon-infused olive oil, it awakens your taste buds and refreshes your senses while boosting your immune system and aiding digestion. Complete with the satisfying (and satiating) crunch of zesty radishes and nutty pepitas, you're receiving a dose of skin hydration, plant-based protein and healthy fats to help keep you grounded and energized throughout the day.

    This toast is a particularly great lunch choice for those days when you need a pre-workout boost or while you're out-and-about running errands. Additionally, this toast is an ally in times you need to ease brain fog or nourish yourself with something easy on the belly that still leaves you feeling full and satisfied! 

    Enjoy me when...

    You'd like to feel rooted and ready for whatever your day may bring.
    You want a blood-boosting, belly-soothing, brain-powering plate of goodness.
    You're on your moon and wish to nourish your natural cycles.