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16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

pineapple, pear, grapefruit, organic chia seeds, organic coconut water

Intentionally designed to give you long-lasting energy with a dynamic flavor, this juice is for when you need to meet the day with the power of a (super)Hero.

Hero is refreshing, tart, and finishes each sip with a hint of grapefruit. If you are a grapefruit fan, you'll likely love this juice, and even if you're not usually the grapefruit type, we've been told this recipe may change your mind. Not only will you love drinking it, your body will be grate(fruit) for its benefits too!

Hero is deeply hydrating, offers some natural protein, and is a great support for the digestive system. Thanks to the coconut water, Hero helps enhance your hydration with electrolytes, supporting absorption and stable energy. The dynamic duo of pineapple and pear aid in the digestive process and reduce muscle soreness and inflammation thanks to enzymes like bromelain.

We've topped this juice off with chia seeds to slow down the body's absorption of fruit sugars in this recipe, allowing for an energy boost without the crash.

Drink me when...

You're looking for post-sun support to replenish your hydration.
You're ready to rebalance your gut after a night out of food not sitting right.
You're ready to switch to a ready-to-go preworkout bevvy that's also delicious.

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