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Merry + Bright


3 reviews

16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

organic orange, pineapple, beet, organic carrot, organic ginger, organic turmeric

Revered for its sweet and tangy flavor, Merry & Bright tastes similar to a fruit punch (sans artificial sugars!) and many report feeling just like this juice's name. ✨

With over 300% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake, the Merry & Bright is a fantastic immunity boost and protects the body from free radicals, encourages collagen production and metabolism function and enhances the wellbeing of our heart and nervous systems!

This sweet beet juice is also a digestive aid from the pineapple and beets. Pineapple helps our body create bromelain, a combination of enzymes that help our digestive tract break down protein and produce probiotic lactic acid for a happy, healthy gut! Beets are good for your blood, brain, and belly by lowering blood pressure, increasing oxygen intake in the blood, and helping feed your gut with healthy bacteria. 

Topped off with both ginger and turmeric, the Merry & Bright is filled to the brim with antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties! 

Drink me when...

You know you need the benefits, but aren't usually a big fan of beets.

(this one goes easy on the earthy flavor!)

You're looking for an energy boost before the gym.
You want something delicious that nourishes you inside and out.

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