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Merry + Bright

16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

orange, pineapple, beet, carrot, ginger, turmeric
  • Merry + Bright is our super approachable beet juice. Your mind may work hard to tell you "you don't like beets" but here at Vive, we work harder. This hybrid blend of citrus and root ingredients gives you the inflammatory benefits of beets and carrots, with the refreshing flavor of pineapple. This juice is the definition of 'light, bright, and airy'... if that could be tangible. Sip on this juice when you are looking to fight seasonal allergies, need an afternoon energy boost, or bloat easily (this juice is your digestive aid BFF)!
Drink me if you...
  1. Just got off a red-eye flight/back from traveling. (aka assistance getting used to Utah's dry climate and ultra pollen-producing flowers again)
  2. Want the benefits of beets, with less "beet-y" flavor. 
  3. Are looking to fight/prevent sickness. 
  4. Are new to beet juice and want to see what the hype's about!

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