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Morning C-Tox [Pre-Order]

16.9 oz. Glass Bottle

100% organic celery
  • In today's age of "more is better", we often try to look for simplicity in life. You just found it. One simple yet powerful ingredient; 100% organic celery. Celery is stalk full of Vitamin K - over 150% of your daily intake! Vitamin K is best known for the protection of your bone and heart health. Celery juice is *not* a miracle worker or cure-all - but it does offer your body with over 15 vitamins & minerals and aids with digestion, hydration, detoxification, and helps reduce inflammation in the body. Crack open a bottle and say hello to the perfect companion to your morning ritual.
  • Highlights: Bone Protector, Energy Booster, Toxin Tamer, Ultra-Hydrating, Top Seller
Drink me if you...
  1. Want to push breakfast off a couple more hours without losing energy.
  2. Thrive with morning routines.
  3. Don't like to drink your sugars. (Celery Juice contains 0g of sugar!)

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