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Oaxacan Spice Enhanced Cacao - Organic - Ceremonial

1/2 lb
On some days you just need a little extra celebration and motivation, and this pure ceremonial cacao elevates you quickly as our blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cayenne get your circulation pulsing. This enhanced cacao comes from a remote village in Guatemala of 125 families that make 90% of their income from cacao. Ancient peoples of central & South America loved drinking their chocolate hot and spicy rather than sugary. This is a modern interpretation of ancient Mayan drinking chocolate honoring our Zapotec elder Maria, who taught us the time-honored ways of chocolate making in Oaxaca. Through this enhanced cacao, we connect to the roots of ceremonial cacao with gratitude. Organic Ingredients: Cacao Beans from Guatemala, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Cardamom from Guatemala, Ginger from China, Cayenne from India Makes a great coffee replacement!