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Probiotic Hot Sauce - Habanero Pineapple [Pre-Order]


5 oz. Glass Bottle

habanero peppers, yellow bell peppers, pineapple, real salt, apple cider vinegar, live culture probiotics (Lactobacillus Plantarum, Ln. Mesenteroides, Pc. Acidilactici)

Heat level is Hot.
This is not your regular hot sauce. First off, it’s handcrafted and made locally by yours truly. Lettuce tell you, this sauce will wake you up! Why? Because… It’s ALIVE! *Cue Frankenstein, if you didn’t read it that way, we recommend reading again* It’s ALLLIIIVVVEEE! 

Don’t be spooked, it’s alive in the same sense as that Kombucha you’re drinking. Our hot sauce is loaded with billions of Lactobacillus bacteria, aka the “good bacteria”.  That means this hot sauce is not going to destroy your stomach. Heat lovers rejoice, no need to sacrifice a bellyache for your heat tooth ever again. We use these probiotics to ferment this hot sauce, which naturally preserves it without the need for any added preservatives! 
 Made with love and local ingredients whenever possible.
 Raw, naturally fermented, no gums, additives, or preservatives.
♻️ Return the jar for a $0.50 bottle credit!