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16.9 oz Glass Bottle

alkaline water, lemon, ginger, raw honey, activated charcoal, cayenne

  • While this activated charcoal lemonade has many uses it's most popular when we have someone ask us "Do you have anything that helps with a hangover?" Oh yes, honey. This citrus is easy on the stomach thanks to the lemon and ginger. Lemon is full of pectin which helps you feel full- so drinking this juice even when you don't want to/feel like having anything at all will be easy! Ginger can soothe feelings of nausea so whether you woke up with an angry stomach from drinking or eating something that isn't sitting right - this juice is a great place to start getting liquid IN your system, and taking toxins OUT. 
Drink me if you...
  1. Had a night out last night and are feeling it this morning.
  2. Are looking for some digestive support.
  3. Experience inconsistent breakouts. 
  4. Need to jumpstart your metabolism!

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