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16.9 oz Glass Bottle

organic celery, organic granny apple, spinach, kale, cucumber, organic lemon, organic lime

    Our most popular green, Stella captivates the tastebuds of just about everyone! A harmonious blend of greens with bright, citrusy undertones and major health benefits... If your body wrote you a holistic Rx that also tasted delicious, this would be it!

    Packed with a kaleidoscope of health benefits, this green juice is a true elixir of well-being. Feel the surge of energy as essential vitamins such as vitamin C boost your immunity, minerals nourish you deeply, and antioxidants flood your body to help prevent illness and dis-ease, supporting your overall vitality. The cleansing and anti-inflammatory powers of cucumber and celery, combined with the detoxifying properties of lemon and lime, help you embrace a revitalized and refreshed feeling in every drop. Nourish your body from within and revel in the delight that Stella brings to your life!

    Drink me when...

    Are looking for a good middle-of-the-road green juice when it comes to sweetness.
    You'd like to combine hydration with health benefits.
    You need a go-to wellness boost.

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