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Sweet Mint

16.9 oz Glass Bottle

spinach, cucumber, pear, green apple, mint

  • The Sweet Mint is a gentle green that is approachable for everyone. While still being veggie-forward, this recipe introduces more fruits to create harmony among the ingredients. This blend is equally refreshing and soothing to your tastebuds and nervous system. This is due to mint's aromatherapeutic properties that can help beat stress and rejuvenate the mind. When mint comes in contact with your nervous system, it's received the same as taking deep belly breaths. Take a breath, take a sip, and experience cellular nirvana.
Drink me if you...
  1. Are new to green juices.
  2. Frequently deal with stress and anxiety.
  3. Want a juice that is soothing to a sore throat. 
  4. Want some extra hydration!

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