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Vanilla Almond [Pre-Order]

16.9 oz Glass Bottle

almonds, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, redmond's real salt, alkaline water 

  • This plant milk is a staple to our menu and especially known as the "dessert" you end each day of cleansing with! The Vanilla Almond is not your average almond milk. When you reach for a bottle of this plant-goodness before bed, you know you are helping your body feel full in a nutritious and low-calorie way. Hello! This means you are setting your body up for sweet sleep success. Lightly sweetened with vanilla and one date, this blend won't spike your blood sugar. 
  • Highlights: Bone Protector, Heart Healthy, Metabolism Booster, Workout Fuel
Drink me if you...
  1. Are looking for a meal replacement.
  2. Want a low sugar milk replacement. Smoothies, protein shakes, or cereal!
  3. Need something natural to promote restful sleep. 

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