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SmellsGood Candle - Signature Series [Pre-Order]


Local to Utah, SmellsGood Candles are long lasting, clean burning and highly fragrant. Made from pure soy wax and essential oils, these candles are handcrafted and individually poured to ensure the best burn (45+ hours!) and scent experience. 

If you come by the shop, you'll notice we often have one of these burning! Needless to say, they're delightful. 

You can read a little bit more about the story behind SmellsGood Candle Co here.

We happily offer a few scents from SmellGood's Signature Collection:

Desert Night - Cactus Flower, Sage, Lavender

Great Salt Lake - Sagebrush, Silvery Lupine, Sea Minerals, Mountain Lilac

Midnight Menagerie [NEW!] - Black Velvet, Green Tea, Vetiver, Saffron

Place Called Kokomo [NEW!] - Coconut, Santal, Mahogany, Palm

Seaside Hideaway - Sea Salt, Orchid, Sandalwood

Speakeasy - Dry Gin, Citrus Bitters, Brandied Pear

Tea at the Rosewood [NEW!] - White Tea, Ginger, Lemon, Jasmine

Wasatch Ranger [NEW!] - Leather, Teakwood, Tobacco Leaf, Clove